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Technology driven advancements in industry has led industrial units to be more sophisticated than ever with the presence of computer control units and terminals. However, these systems are frequently and constantly exposed to harsh industrial pollutants such as moisture, dust, oil, chemicals, and extremes of temperature, which can damage and shorten the life of your computer systems. This results in additional costs and expenses either for repair or replacement of your unit. Add to this revenues lost due to work stoppage! So we at CompuStation offer you the best solution to make your computer systems last longer and perform more efficiently at a very competitive price. Industrial Computer Enclosure

We make enclosures for long equipment life

Now you have made a substantial investment on computer systems for your business and obviously you would want a return of these investments, and the only way to achieve this is to make sure you machines work continuously, efficiently, and for the whole duration of its workable life or even longer. The industrial computer cabinets we make at CompuStation are the top of the line in the industry bar none. They are robust, resilient, well designed, and with superior aesthetics that will protect your systems and compliment your factory.

Our enclosures protect your systems to guarantee an uninterrupted production process

Equipment failure is something you would want to avoid at all costs, since this not only means the reduction of your computer systems lifespan, but the stoppage of the production process, particularly if your industrial unit runs on process automation, this would involve the resetting of the entire system configuration which results in extra cost, lost of time, and most of all, lost of revenues due to missed deadlines. We cannot emphasize enough, the fact that using specialized industrial enclosures for your critical components is overall a much cheaper option compared to the extra cost you incur from sudden equipment failures. Equipment failure is an industrial nightmare!

We are the trusted brand name

We at CompuStation are the trusted name and the benchmark in providing comprehensive solution for robust design industrial computer cabinet for a variety of equipments, control units and computer systems. Have a unique requirement for your systems? That is no barrier for us, we are the industry leader in design and manufacture and our experts will work hand in hand with you to design an enclosure unique and customized for your specific needs. We also make sure that our designs are not only robust and efficient, but also elegant and aesthetically pleasing that will compliment your work area.

We provide you the best quality at a competitive price

Now the market is so flooded with various companies offering multitudes of industrial computer cabinets that it makes it hard for you to choose. What sets us apart from all these companies is a combination of high quality, top performing, variety of designs to choose from (with the option of customization), competitive price, outstanding customer service, fast shipping, and most of all… Made in the USA products. We offer you the best value for money that no other company can match. So give us a call or better yet come to our office so we can discuss the best possible solution for your needs.